The feel Good Way

The Feel Good Way

The Feel Good Way is dance, joy and movement for people with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities. It’s that simple. But besides being a form of exercise and an educational tool, The Feel Good Way is so much more. The Feel Good Way is inspired by the simple approach to dance, which is in The Groove Method created by Misty Tripoli.

It can be summarized in a number of buzzword – you get them here:

Joy • motion • dance • exercise • smile • a method • wheelchair • sweat warranty • an educational tool • free movement • embraces all • visually impaired • hearing impaired • energy • solidarity • good combustion • involvement • exercise across disabilities • equality • equal opportunities • citizenship  • inspiring • initiating • engagement • potential • developing and much more

The Feel Good Way are:

# For people with physical, mental and developmental disabilities

# Simple movements that anyone can do

# At least one functional movement pr. song to train an ability / function

# Storytelling to get the participants to dance and move even more (switching focus from themselves to another identity) 

We measure success by:

# That the participants move in the way that suits their movement pattern

# That the participants experience a “space” where they must can move and dance and where they may make a lot of noise and laugh.

# That the participants feel that here is NO right or wrong.

# The participants to have a good experience with dance and movement, where the focus is not on the exercise for the sake of, but where this part of the lesson is just one benefit that we are not addressing.


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