The feel Good Way


The Feel Good Way™ is a revolutionary form of exercisefor people with disabilities, which creates joy of movement and a desire to explore movement and dance. The Feel Good Way is inspired by the simple approach to dance, which is in The Groove Method created by Misty Tripoli.

Participants are united in a common movement and rhythm, but moving on their own unique way. The benefit, compared with other programs of exercise is that in a class of The Feel Good Way you can not do it wrong. Everyone is a success from the beginning.

The target audience for The Feel Good Way™ are people with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities.

Whether sitting in a wheelchair or not – so you can participate in The Feel Good Way™. Whether you are visually and/or hearing impaired so you can too.

With The Feel Good Way™, we offer exercise, workout, dance and movement across all groups. In a class doing The Feel Good Way™ everybody can participate no matter how they are put together – with or without wheels.

Our functional movement patterns, balance, central nervous system and the connection between the brain and the body is trained and challenged through The Feel Good Way™.

Let’s dance and move – because it’s a healthy and fun way to move