The feel Good Way

Why The Feel Good Way?

Why should The Feel Good Way be the new rising star for people with physical, mental and developmental disabilities?

We see new ways of exercising that pop up all the time. Zumba, Hulahoop, Bellyfit, qiantball, booiaka, piloxing etc. So why should The Feel Good Way be smarter than the others when it comes to people with special needs?

Firstly, The Feel Good Way is participant-centered. This means that the focus has shifted from “copy the instructor” to “do it your way.”

Participants are normally constantly guided and cued to the music, themoves and what to do. But in The Feel Good Way we do not define what the moves should look like.

Secondly, The Feel Good Way is all about dance and moves to simple choreography, everybody is consequently a success from the beginning. You – as a participant – don’t have to participate in 20 classes in order to have a chance to figure out series, steps and choreography.

In The Feel Good Way we move to get a happy body

The Feel Good Way is inspired by the simple approach to dance, which is in The Groove Method created by Misty Tripoli.